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1.Which course fits your level?
Start jp-lesson from the level that fits you best! jp-lesson follows policies that were built through many years of Japanese language education to build its curricula, so you can study at a moderate pace and have fun at the same time.
  2.Fun educational materials
You can download "KANA KANA", which has contributed to the field of Japanese education, for FREE. With these reputable audiovisual programs, you can learn pronunciations and characters enjoyably and efficiently.

3.Free language counseling
Our dedicated staff does a connecting test and gives you advice on which course to take through our language counseling service. You can rest assured that you will be placed in the right course. And it's free!

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The following are jp-lesson's fundamental principles:
One-on-one lessons
Instructors who have had teaching experience and have also had training as online instructors
Gradual and cumulative increase in difficulty
The use of original educational material

Conversation Course A
Even if you're a beginner, you can master the basics and learn the grammatical structure of Japanese step by step, thus building strong conversational skills.

Conversation Course B
This course is ideal for those who are not learning Japanese for the first time, but have trouble with such skills as appropriately conjugating verbs or constructing long sentences.

Conversation Course C
This course is recommended for those who have studied Japanese basics but haven't had many chances to use it orally, or those who would like to refresh their previous skills.

Hiragana and Katakana Course

Kanji Course

Lesson text
Our educational materials have been made using the knowledge and experience of Japanese language instructors, so you can learn Japanese efficiently.

From the very beginners just starting to learn Japanese, to the intermediate or the advanced learners who only have trouble in understanding "Te-form", for example, these teaching materials are very useful to strengthen the individual's weak points.

KANA KANA is a hiragana and katakana learning program that focuses on reading and listening skills

NEW!! Kanji de Unizon
Free Download Now!! Update

jp-lesson's principles

・One-on-one lessons

・Instructors who have had teaching experience and have also had training as online instructors

・The use of original educational material

・Gradual and cumulative increase in difficulty

・Monthly payments (We accept one-time payments as well)

Even if you are not very good with a computer, you will find web lessons very easy to use. We hope you will first try the free demo lesson and language counseling, and discover for yourself the high quality of jp-lesson.


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