Conversation Course
There are 3 conversation courses available. People at all levels of Japanese,
including those who have never encountered the language to those who are fairly confident, can take courses that match their level.
Conversation Course A(A-1 12 sessions Total)(A-2 12 sessions Total)
  Even if you're a beginner, you can master the basics and learn the grammatical structure of Japanese step by step,
thus building strong conversational skills.

Curriculum Details
A-1 Learning a simple self-introduction・ Talking about locations and prices ・
Telling time and talking about your activities・
Talking about everyday activities and tasks・Adjectives・Comparisons・Wishes
A-2 Verb conjugations・ Making requests, giving permission, and prohibiting・
Expressing possibility・Relating experiences・Giving advice
Conversation Course B(B-1 12 sessions Total)(B-2 12 sessions Total)
  This course is ideal for those who are not learning Japanese for the first time,
but have trouble with such skills as appropriately conjugating verbs or constructing long sentences.

Curriculum Details
B-1 Expressing opinions and thoughts・Noun modifications・
Providing an explanation・Completion expressions・Intention
B-2 Using complex sentences・Cause and effect expressions・Stating a purpose・Hearsay・
conjecturing・Conditional sentence・Passive expressions・Causative expressions
Conversation Course C
  This course is recommended for those who have studied Japanese basics but haven't had many chances to use it orally,
or those who would like to refresh their previous skills.

Curriculum Details
We will conduct an open-ended session using a topic prepared by the teacher or a subject that interests the student.
This is not merely talking, however:
during the conversation, the teacher will determine the student's language weakness, and where they should be corrected.
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