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Here are some of the educational materials that are used in jp-lesson. The materials here can be used for free, so please try them.
Please read the system requirements before downloading.

System requirements

Kanji DE Unizon Free DownLoad 5/30/2005 UPDate *For Windows

Kanji de Unizon

It is the game which turns over a card and
finds out a the same kanji fellow.
When doing touching a wrong card, LIFE
decreases and the game is exaggerated when
passing away completely.

Free Download : unizon.EXE 3.68MB
KANA KANA Free Download *For Windows
Kana Kana is a hiragana and katakana learning program that focuses on reading and listening skills.
When you become a jp-lesson member, you can buy the CD at the member price.


This is the most advanced game! When you master this one, you'll be able to understand kana letters when you see and hear them.


This game helps you learn the sounds and shapes of each letter.After you see and hear a letter, match it with the same letter by clicking it when it appears with other letters.  
Free Download : ZIP 4.9MB
Free Download : LZH 5.02MB
Free Download : ZIP 3.98MB
Free Download : LZH 4.04MB
Kanji DE Cooking Free DownLoad *For Windows

Kanji de Puzzle

1/11 2004 Update

Kanji de Cooking

2/12 2004 Update  
Free Download : puzzle.EXE 3.0MB
Free Download : cooking.EXE 3.0MB

Kanji de Fishing

It is a game with answering quiz form in the kanji which was hidden under the panel.
A wining point is decided by the answering time.

Free Download : fishing.EXE 3.68MB
Lesson text Demo
This is original text created by jp-lesson that will be used on web lessons. For those who can't read hiragana and katakana,
the beginners' course text has a phonetic guide in the Roman alphabet.
Conversation Course A-1
Conversation Course A-2
Conversation Course B-1
Conversation Course B-2
Hiragana and Katakana Course
Kanji course -1