Lesson Contents
Start jp-lesson from the level that fits you best!

jp-lesson follows policies that were built through many years of Japanese language education to build its curricula,
so you can study at a moderate pace and have fun at the same time.
1.Learn with multimedia educational materials

You can download "KANA KANA," which has contributed to the field of Japanese education, for FREE.

With these reputable audiovisual programs, you can learn pronunciations and characters enjoyably and efficiently.

Our educational materials have been made using the knowledge and experience of Japanese language instructors,
so you can learn Japanese efficiently.
2.Choose the areas of Japanese you want to learn

People who want to strengthen their conversational skills and people
who wish to add to their Japanese character artillery can each choose the course that suits him or her best.

Conversation Course
The Conversation Course lessons offered by jp-lesson range from those for first-time beginners of Japanese to those at an advanced level who wish to further improve their Japanese language speaking proficiency. This course is not just simple chatting; it utilizes texts that we have developed ourselves based on standard Japanese, so it helps you master grammar as well.

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Writing Course
If you can speak and understand Japanese sufficiently but don't have confidence in your hiragana, katakana, or kanji, we recommend the Writing Course. Studying Japanese characters by yourself can be a rather dull and boring way to practice the orthography, but jp-lesson lets you fully use the four skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing to make your learning more efficient, enjoyable, and reliable.

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Expenses・How to make your payment
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System Requirements
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Instructor Introduction
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