System Requirements

These are the requirements you must meet in order to take lessons at jp-lesson,
so please check to make sure you meet them before you apply to us.
OS: Windows98SE/ WindowsME / Windows 2000/ Windows XP
A PC with Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
※This site is not Macintosh compatible.
CPU:   Windows Celeron 300MHz or better(Pentium III 600MHz)


  256MB or more
Disk space:   20MB or more(100MB desirable)
DirectX:   8.0 or betterDownload(An MSN page)
Optimal resolution:   1024 * 768
Connection speed:   ADSL(1.5M or better), CATV, wireless LAN, optical fiber, or other kind of broadband connection.

※Because regular modem connections and ISDN connections have a slow connection speed, there is a possibility that the picture will not be smoothly transferred. Since this would hinder the lessons, we cannot accommodate them.
Peripheral equipment:   1 USB port, headset・PC・webcam

If you are going to try the free counseling, please install the proper webcam
drivers and have the webcam connected by the appointment day.

Example website Logitech
recommended product: Logitech QuickCam®; Pro 4000
Needed software:   OKCall ( Freeware )
We will send you the URL for connection to OKCall in email about confirmation of your lesson schedule. Please click the URL at your lesson time, and you can connect to OKCall of the instructor. You don't need to install OKCall in your computer. Please note that jp-lesson does not support this software.

To OKCall webcam test page