jp-lesson's policies
We believe that, among the people who wish to study Japanese, there are those who cannot due to time or budget limitations, despite their eagerness to learn. Then, too, they may lack access to a classroom. We hope to provide lessons straight from Japan with dependable curricula to those who wish to study on their own, those who want to supplement their studies at schools, and those who are interested in studying the language on their own but find it difficult to keep up.
At jp-lesson, we make providing high quality Japanese language education our first priority. Just talking with native speakers will not improve your Japanese language skills. Our goal is to improve your conversational skills while making sure you build a foundation of basics. In addition, by using the one-on-one lesson style as opposed to group lessons, we can provide lessons that match each individual's needs, while better exploiting individual strengths.

The following are jp-lesson's fundamental principles:
・One-on-one lessons
・Instructors who have had teaching experience and have also had training as online instructors
・The use of original educational material
・Gradual and cumulative increase in difficulty

Even if you are not very good with a computer, you will find web lessons very easy to use. We hope you will first try the free demo lesson and language counseling, and discover for yourself the high quality of jp-lesson.

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