From applying to the class to beginning the class

Here the process up to the beginning of class is explained.
Before trying the free demo lesson, please have your headphone with microphone and webcam installed and ready to go.

To OKBuddy webcam test page

Please refer to the System Requirements page.
1.We request that you first take the free demo lesson & language counseling.
Please fill in the free demo lesson request form
2. We will send you URL for your free demo lesson
3. On the day of the free demo lesson, please click the URL we sent you.
In the free demo lesson, we will do a connection test, audio check, and language level check.
4.After the lesson, we will tell you your level of Japanese.

5. We will send you the results of the free language counseling session and a
verification of your intention to register. If you are going to take lessons,
please make your payment through a web site for payment .

6. After confirming your payment, we will send you via e-mail your jp-lesson member login ID and password,

7. Please make your lesson appointment by e-mail.

8.We will then send you an e-mail of confirmation.

9. On the day of your appointed lesson, please click the URL we sent you.

10. When you can connect to OKBuddy of the instructor, the lesson will begin.