Pokemon Pokemon's official website Japanese Manga

Detective Conan Detective Conan's official website


Pokemon Pokemon’s official website Japanese Manga

Detective Conan Detective Conan’s official website


Barbara’s Enka Site Listen to Enka here

JPOP Central Japanese pops

Nihonnouta/Sekainouta Listen to famous Japanese songs

Utamappu Search for lyrics of Japanese songs


Japanese Drama Japanese actor and actress

Japanese Dorama Database Story of Japanese drama

Doramarokechi Pictures of drama scene

Public Entertainments

Internet TV Guide  A lot of information about drama


Toukeikyoku Statistics


Sourikantei Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi’s mail magazine, etc.

The Japan Times Tha Japan Time online version Asahi newspaper online version
NIKKEI NET Nikkei newspaper online version
YOMIURI ON-LINE Yomiuri newspaper online version
NHK Online Listen to Japanese news online
Hiragana Times Information about Travel, Accommodation, Visa, Japanese Language Schools and Friends Finding in Japan and more
Mainichi Dialy News Mainichi newspaper online version
Traditional Arts

Kabukiza Theater for Kabuki

Kabuki For Everyone Written about Kabuki

nou/kyougen About Nou and Kyougen

Traditional Culture

Websadouhajimemasita Study Japanese tea ceremony online

Traditional Crafts of Japan About Japanese traditional crafts

Ugokie A lot of fun! Ukiyoe is moving here.


Samurai Archives About Samurai

Maruchimedianihonnorekisi  Quiz about Japanese history

Rekisikaidou Guide and pictures of famous place of Japan


Sakura Cherry blossoms in Japan

Zenkokukouyoumeisyomeguri autumn color of leaves in Japan

Kyotonokouyou Beautiful pictures of Kyoto


Nihongo Memo Classic event in Japan and worksheet about that

Living Article about Japanese life
Orange House Guest house in Osaka

东京公寓和家庭旅馆 。附带家具的月租公寓,短期和长期住宿。

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Japanese Table Manner Study Japanese manner

Reigi/Sahou Study Japanese manner

Ceremonial Occasions

Kankonsousai[All About Japan] Manners for special events


Japanese law links Links about Japanese law

Gaimusyou Foreign Ministry


Nihonryugakugaido Life of international student in Japan, scholarship, search for schools


Online English to Japanese English→Japanese?Japanese→English Online dictionary

Japanese Educational Material

Japanese Online Conversation lesson(with Audio)

Japanese Language Self-study style, learning Japanese online

Internet Japanese Test Free Japanese examination, Get certification

JLPT Communication Square Guide of Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Omniglot (a guide to writing systems) See the explanation about Japanese character Self-study style, learning Japanese online

Study in Japan Comprehensive Guide

Omniglot a Guide to wtitten language


Bridge To Japan Links about Japanese literature


Japanese Food Japanese cuisine

Japanese food Mount Fuji Online shop, Get Japanese food

BLACK MOON Basic food in Japan


Weather news Whether in Japan

e-tenki net Various whether chart of Japan


Internetwork Kyoto Links about Kyoto

Tourism Sightseeing spot, life style etc. Guide in detail

Tokyo tower
 Explanation and pictures of Tokyo tower


JR GROUP Japan rail way’s website

Shinkansen Gallery A lot of pictures of Shinkansen (Bullet train)


Shofuso Information about hot spring in Japan

Cherry Blossom Garden Japanese garden and Kimono, Online shop


Oyu Monogatari Information about hot spring in Japan

TokyoDisney Tokyo Disney Land

Business Information about internet in Japan
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kidsgoo Search engine with function of adding kana to Kanji

 Search engine

Yahoo! JAPAN Search engine

infoseek Search engine, Online dictionary

Shopping Online shop, Get Japanese goods

eSake Japanese sake, Get information about sake


Japanese Lifestyle Japanese kimono

FASHION JAPAN Japanese young fashion

Syukanfashion Japanese fashion, and Links

Electrical Appliances

Ekitron Online shop

 Online shop, kitchen tool Online shop, electronic tool

Electronics- Books Get Japanese materials, international shipment is available

Sasuga Japanese Bookstore Online shop, books on Japanese

Japan Book Plaza Get Japanese books written in English